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Grape Wine

Selected wines from the Castle Manor

The owner of the castle manor carefully selects wines from all over the world to open the door to the world of wine.


Chinese Spirits

​Castle Manor Strictly Selected Liquor

The castle manor has carefully selected white wine, strong sorghum aroma and intoxicating national customs.


Korean Soju

Korean Soju  Chum-churum

Lotte Shochu, the No. 1 brand of Korean shochu-first drink, first drink, full range

Many Korean star endorsements, rich flavors, don't miss it if you love Korean culture!


Japanese Sake

Japanese Shochu

Suitable drinking shochu can relieve stress, strengthen immunity, prevent myocardial infarction, etc., plus a variety of drinking methods, no matter how to add ice, hot water, oolong tea, juice or energy drink, it can be all-match!



Western spirits

The castle manor strictly selects Western-style spirits, whiskey, and vodka, which can be used as a base for bartending and more suitable for hard-core pure drinking.