The new and old world of wine

Traditional wine producing areas, such as Europe and the Middle East, are usually called the old world, such as the common producing areas France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Other countries such as the United States, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and other countries are called the New World, and Taiwan is also included in the New World!

What are the differences and characteristics of wines made in the old world and in the new world?

Winemaking in the old world has a long history, so there are clearer standards for technology and specifications. For example, French wines have developed an AOP naming system to identify wine grades.

The wines produced by New World lack some legal regulations, so there are less restrictions on grape varieties and brewing methods, and there is relatively more room for development and negotiation, and wines with diversified characteristics are produced.

There are still many opinions between the old world and the new world, but as long as it suits your preferences, it is a bottle of delicious wine.

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