Introduction of grape varieties | Merlot

If you have the habit of paying attention to the grape varieties used when drinking, then you must know Merlot!

Merlot has the characteristics of easy planting and strong aroma. Its tannin content is also lower than Cabernet Sauvignon. It tastes soft and smooth, so it has the title of "Popular Lover". Like its title, it is hard not to love it. .

Merlot is the most widely planted grape variety in France. Its origin is the right bank of Bordeaux, France, and it is also the most widely planted variety in Bordeaux. In Bordeaux, Merlot is usually mixed with other varieties of grapes to make red wine.

In the New World countries, single species are more common.

The wines made by single-variety Merlot usually have a velvety, delicate and supple taste with plum aromas.

In Bordeaux, Merlot is usually blended with other varieties of red grapes to make red wine. The tannin content is lower than Cabernet Sauvignon, so the wine is softer. The fruity aroma is relatively strong.

There are three main types of wine made from Merlot grapes:

1. The taste is supple, the fruity aroma is rich, and the tannin content is low

2. Rich in tannin flavor and strong tannin structure

3. The wine is brownish in color, this type has the style of Cabernet Sauvignon

Red wine blended with Merlot in the Castle Manor

Chateau Thibault

Chateau les Acacias

Chateau les Valleteaux

Chateau Laussac

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