How to get started for wine novices?

As a wine novice, the question they want to know most must be which wine to start with? It is normal for people who do not drink wine very often to be a little unfamiliar or afraid of wine. They are afraid that the quality of cheap wine is not good, and they are also afraid that they will not understand the wine after drinking expensive wine.

To understand wine, the first step is to understand your preferences. First learn the characteristics of the following wines. According to the characteristics of each wine, you will know why you like this wine and what you don't like. Then you can find the wine that suits your taste faster when you choose the wine!

1. Sweetness

Dry | Medium dry or Semi dry | Medium | Sweet

Wine is made by converting the glucose in the grapes into alcohol by yeast. After the fermentation is stopped, the remaining glucose becomes the main source of wine sweetness, and the alcohol and glycerin produced by the fermentation also have sweetness. The only thing to note is that sometimes the sweetness is not enough and it can be mistaken for high tannins.

2. Aacidity

Flabby | Soft | Bright | Fresh | Crisp)

Pay attention to whether the friction and saliva production on both sides of the tongue become faster. If there is, it is the acidity of the wine. Acidity can increase the balance of wine and make the wine more refreshing and durable. Generally, the acidity of white wine is higher than that of red wine.

3. Tannin

The astringency and bitterness of wine mostly describe the taste of tannins, which come from grape skins and grape seeds. It has high tannin value and strong bitterness, and the astringency remains in the mouth after swallowing. Generally speaking, tannins give people a negative feeling, but like acid value, they can increase the balance and layering of wine, and they are natural antioxidants. The higher the tannin, the longer the wine can be stored, and usually High-grade wines have higher tannins.

4. Fruit

Fruity is the aroma and characteristics of the grape itself. The fermentation process and the oak barrels stored in it will also give the wine different fruity aromas. Common fruit aromas include: Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, citrus, lemons, apples... etc.

5. Body

Light) | Medium|Full-bodied

The body of the wine is mainly the comprehensive feeling of tannin, sweetness, acidity, and alcohol. The glycerin and aroma substances produced during the brewing process will also affect the weight of the wine body, and the weight of the wine body is not the objective density and quality of the wine. , But the taste that is subjectively felt in the mouth. For example, wine with a weight of wine will have a taste similar to cream soup, while wine with a light body will be closer to water or clear soup.

Some people think that the weight of the wine is better than the lighter-bodied wine, but the weight of the wine is not the only basis for judging the quality of the wine. Balance is the key point. However, the higher grade wines in France are usually heavier in body, with higher tannins, acidity, and alcohol. Friends who are new to wine may not be used to it. If you want to learn about wine in a step-by-step manner, it is recommended to start with a lighter one. Wine began to try. Light body, slightly sweet and smooth taste mixed with fruity aromas, it tastes like a juice drink, in which you feel the slight tannins and refreshing acidity. If you can accept it, you can go to the next step and try to see higher tannins and better tannins. High alcohol content, heavier wines. Owner’s Recommendations Novice Wine List


Made from 100% Garnacha single-variety grapes, the alcohol concentration is only 8%, slightly sweet and not astringent, light-bodied, and full of berry aroma!


French craft red wine, beautiful ruby ​​color, light body, slightly sweet and smooth, with an alcohol concentration of 10.5%, fruity and floral.

Most importantly, you need a drinking partner, a person who drinks together and chats with you to guide and ask questions, it will definitely make great progress! Chateau Manor is your best partner, join Chateau Manor’s LINE, we will chat with you live online, and you can ask any questions about wine!

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