Classification Liquor | Classified by production method

There are so many wines on the market. To understand all kinds of wines well, we must have a systematic classification method, and then gradually understand a single wine. This article will use one of the wine classification methods " "Method of production" is the main axis, sharing how to classify wines according to the method of production.

Classified by production method

The production methods of wine can be roughly divided into three categories, namely: brewing, distillation, and remanufacturing.

1. Brewing:

Brewed wine is fermented wine, which refers to the wine made from raw materials containing sugar or starch after saccharification, fermenting, filtration, and sterilization, and belongs to low-alcohol wine. (Such as rice wine, beer, Huadiao wine, sake, wine, fruit wine, etc.)

2.Distillation: Most of the wines made from raw materials containing sugar or starch through saccharification, fermentation, and distillation are high-quality wines. (Such as sorghum, Moutai, whiskey, brandy, vodka, etc.)

3. Remade wine:

Also known as mixed wine, distilled, brewed, edible alcohol, mixed with plant medicinal materials, animal medicinal materials, flowers and fruits and other substances, and seasoned to make wines. Most of the mixed wines are medium or low alcohol (such as medicinal wine). , Tonic wine, etc.)

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