Hangover Culture in Korea

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

South Korea’s "meeting" culture makes it inevitable for Korean office workers to go to work the next day with a hangover. Every company sometimes has a dinner once a month or even once a week. Colleagues and their boss drink and eat together, and they still have to go to work on time the next day. As a result, various hangover foods and drinks appear.

Let's see how Koreans deal with hangover!

Hangover soup, honey water The most common thing I see in Korean dramas is that mothers watch their children go home drunk and prepare a bowl of hangover soup or honey water the next day for their hangover children. In Korea, there are many kinds of hangover soups. Common Korean bean sprouts soup, seaweed soup, mentai fish soup, snow thick soup, etc., but these soups are super delicious, so even if you don’t have a hangover, you will occasionally want to have a bowl of hot soup.

Hangover liquid, hangover candy, hangover pills There are many kinds of hangover solutions in Korea. The most well-known solution in Taiwan is READY Q hangover solution. Unlike other common medicinal hangover solutions, READY Q hangover solution has a fruit juice flavor, which is said to be mango flavor. The mango-flavored hangover candy is also launched by READY Q hangover liquid. The content is mainly curcumin. As long as you eat it 20-30 minutes before drinking or immediately after you get drunk, you can achieve a soothing effect!

Hangover tea The popular Korean men’s tea, 헛개차, is Hovenia dulcis tea. Hovenia dulcis has the effect of protecting the liver, which is very helpful for alleviating the symptoms of hangovers. Moreover, it has no sugar and no calories, and tastes good. It is said to be the favorite of Korean boys. Tea! In the DP, the second class An Junho played by Jung Hae In drank the wine all night, and the first class Han Haoyeol played by Gu Jiaohuan gave him this drink~

Hangover Popsicle Korean convenience store ''With Me''has launched the 견뎌바 hangover popsicle, a grapefruit-flavored popsicle containing 0.7% Hovenia dulcis. Hovenia dulcis is often made into health drinks in Korea, and many hangover foods contain this ingredient.

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