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1. The purchase time recorded on the invoice is from 2022/05/30 to 2022/07/31, and the details of the purchase of any item of the castle estate are listed.
2. The invoice registration must be completed before 23:59 on 2022/07/31.
3. Please keep the original invoice and details as the basis for the award.
If you have an electronic invoice, please go to the second-generation electronic invoice platform of the Ministry of Finance, and print the detailed screen (including details) of the winning electronic invoice as the basis for redemption.
4. If the award invoice cannot be clearly determined, the determination of valid award redemption eligibility shall be determined by the organizer.
5. This award is only sent to the mainland of Taiwan.
6. Winners must be at least 18 years old.
7. When the event cannot be carried out for any reason, the organizer has the right to decide to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the event without any prior notice, including but not limited to the right to change the equivalent gift. Any changes in content or precautions will be posted on this event page without prior notice.

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the Personal Information Law), the following matters are notified to consumers participating in this event. Please be sure to read the following instructions carefully before participating in this event.
1. The personal data collection company: Taiwan Yonghong Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company).
2. Purpose of collection: To participate in the "Login Invoice, Draw Oneglass in Italy" lottery event and the organizer's follow-up lottery, verification procedures and contact use when necessary.
3. Types of personal data: including identification information in personal data such as name, mobile phone number, email, address for sending prizes, etc.
4. Period and region of use of personal data:
Period: The company will start from the date the event participants participate in this event and end 6 months after the event ends.
Region: Taiwan (including Taiwan, Peng, Jin, Ma)
Target audience: the company, its affiliated companies, the company commissioned by the company, and those involved in the implementation of this activity.
5. The personal data provided by the participants of the event can be requested to the company in writing or by email to exercise the rights to inquire, request to view, make copies, supplement or correct, request to stop collecting, process or use, request deletion, etc.
6. Impact of rights and interests caused by not providing personal information: Participants of this activity can freely choose whether to provide their personal information of the company. If they refuse to provide relevant personal information, they cannot participate in this activity. And after the report or the company found that it is not enough to confirm the authenticity of the identities of the participants of this activity, or other situations such as fraudulent use, theft, or false information, the company cannot carry out the necessary confirmation operations, and the company reserves the right to temporarily stop We apologize for any inconvenience caused by providing services related to this event.
7. Participating in this activity means that the participants have understood the above-mentioned notices of the company, and have clearly understood the purpose and purpose of the company's collection, processing and use of the participants' personal data, and agree that the organizer shall, within the scope of the above-mentioned notices, must collect, process and use the personal data of participants.